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ON CONFLICT "I've learned that when your wife vents about work/friends/life, don't offer up solutions to her problems, just listen and say 'That sucks, I'm sorry, I understand.""Having serious conversations while drunk doesn't help.""While it's great to make her a dinner, also then cleaning up and doing the dishes makes up for any shortcomings."ON THE LITTLE THINGS "Even if your wife looks a little sexier in hh heels sometimes your life will be better at the end of the nht if she wears flats instead.

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Or split the difference and suggest wedges.""One thing I've learned from being married is the importance of a one-minute hug with your wife everyday.

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After one minute of hugging everything doesn't seem so bad.""My wife loves to play softball. I choose to attend all her games when I'm home because I know how much it means to her to just have me be there.

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Admittingly, I could easily fill that time with 1000 other things, but none of those things will better our relationship as much as me being present at her games.""Never re-arrange the living room furniture while the wife is out.Our First Drink Conversations w/ Interesting Couples on Marriage.

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